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Queue Tree Setup for Multi-WAN

This article goes with Marking Traffic for Queueing.

I did use the new queue type (mq-pfifo {multi-queue packets-first-in-first-out) in this setup and it worked fine.  I also had it setup with the default and it worked fine as well.

You will setup your trees per WAN connection. One for each global-in (download) and global-out (upload) for each WAN.

Make sure to send the correct packet marks from each WAN to each queue tree.

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Marking Traffic for Multi-WAN Queueing

To mark traffic based on website I had to create rules to first identify the website then put the address of the website into an address list to then mark the traffic.  This had to be done two different ways, one for regular traffic (HTTP) and one for secure traffic (HTTPS).  To mark the HTTP traffic I used the content argument under the advanced tab.



/ip firewall mangle
add action=add-dst-to-address-list address-list=Video address-list-timeout=0s \
    chain=prerouting comment="Mark BBC Address" content=bbc.co.uk disabled=no \
    dst-port=80 protocol=tcp

Then to mark the secure traffic you have to use Layer7 Protocols.  To do this add an expression with the domain you are wanting to catch.

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