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07252016 Climb Pics

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Allstar Functions

Defining Functions in Allstar


Define these functions in /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf in the functions section.


1=ilink,1 ; disconnect link = *1<node>
2=ilink,2 ; monitor link = *2<node>
3=ilink,3 ; connect link transceive = *3<node>
4=ilink,4 ; remote command = *4<node>
5=macro,1 ; execute macro = *5<macro#>
70=ilink,5 ; system status
71=ilink,11 ; disconnect permanently connected link = *71<node>
72=ilink,12 ; connect link permanent monitor = *72<node>
73=ilink,13 ; connect link permanent transceive = *73<node>
75=ilink,15 ; play full system status
76=ilink,6 ; disconnect all links
77=ilink,16 ; reconnect previously disconnected links Continue reading Allstar Functions

Allstar Dial Installation

Dial Install on RPi2

This assumes you have already completed the correct steps in your and echolink accounts.


This install is very easy and the most difficult part of the whole install was finding the default password for the fresh install (username:root password:debian).


Download the Dial image from for the RPi2. Then use a program like Rufus to write the image to your microSD card. After this is complete you will be able to place the card in the Pi and turn it on. After you login (username:root password:debian) there is a default script that runs. I think it has you change your root password and then runs through the basic Allstar setup asking for your Allstar login and details. It may ask about your networking and whether you are DHCP or static but this is easily changed later in /etc/network/interfaces or you can also set a static lease in your router.


After the script is finished and the Pi reboots you should be almost ready to go. The default ssh port for Dial is 222. I find this annoying and I don’t open ssh to outside world so I changed it back to the default of 22. This can be done in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. I then added my public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys so I don’t have to use a password to login via ssh and it is also more secure. You don’t have to do either of these for your system to work. These are just my preferences.


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